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Opinion: The challenges of simplification

Trying to simplify IT is very desirable -- and complicated. Ironically, efforts often fail because they aren't detailed enough

Why CIOs should friend CMOs

Your company's marketing function might seem more like a faraway land of clueless, complaining users who don't get (or particularly like) IT. So mostly ignoring them has so far been a reasonable strategy

The global CIO job description

Let's take the glamorous title of "Global CIO" and break it down into some of the job realities. What do multinational CIOs have to do that their domestic counterparts don't?

CIOs share public speaking secrets

Before striding out onto the stage, rock stars, actors, 10-year-olds and CIOs do one thing in common

No more IT projects

No more what? Have I lost my mind? No, just my tolerance for the stigma of slapping an "IT" label on projects that would be far better served by more accurate, less legacy-driven descriptors. Such as? How about "customer project", "compliance project", "supply chain project", or "process improvement project"?

Titanic discontent

Being a stickler about finding the right word or turn of phrase, I had to cringe a little at calling our recent annual Job Satisfaction Survey by its given name. "Job Dissatisfaction Survey" would have been a lot closer to the truth.

Bring on the scrutiny

Pop quiz: In a climate where regulations affecting data protection, customer privacy and financial reporting are on the increase, which answer best describes how CIOs should view their new oversight duties?

Ethics and influence

Show us your ethics, or we'll show you the door. Earn back our trust in your objectivity. Prove the value of your research to our businesses today.

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