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Data centre power demands halt housing development in three U.K. boroughs

It’s no surprise that data centres use a lot of electricity, but what is happening in three boroughs in west London has taken that...

Russian-backed cyber attacks on West could start this week: Canadian expert

Electricity-generating companies and financial institutions in Western nations -- including Canada and the U.S. -- could face cyber attacks from Russian-based groups starting next...

Canada should follow U.S. program to scrutinize ICS in electric utilities: Expert

The so-called 100-day sprint is aimed at enhancing the cybersecurity of industrial control systems running power systems

Group to create Canadian cyber standards for electricity sector IoT devices

Ottawa is giving the CIO Strategy Council $818,000 to oversee the creation of standards for industrial Internet of Things devices

Israel’s guide to securing the national electrical grid

Israel is about a decade ahead of where critical infrastructure operators in North America are with cybersecurity, estimates one Toronto Hydro executive. We're visiting the country to hear about its best practices first hand.

An energy sector CIO explains what’s needed to stop security threats early

The IESO's Doug Thomas discusses the collaboration that may help avoid disastrous power outages in an era of M2M and the Internet of Things

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