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Hashtag Trending August 9 – Netflix games remain unpopular; video game industry suffers post-pandemic; eBay’s new refurbished program

Netflix’s games aren’t very popular, video game industry slides post pandemic, and eBay’s new refurbished program causes headaches for resellers. That’s all the tech news...

eBay to support FedEx on its in-platform label printing service

Online retail platform eBay has partnered with FedEx to allow Canadian sellers to print and manage FedEx shipping labels through its in-platform eBay Labels...

eBay announces plan to launch end-to-end fulfillment service for sellers

In an effort to keep up with, Inc., eBay Inc. has announced its plans to launch an end-to-end fulfillment service for sellers, which they have named Managed Delivery.

Big tech companies talk best practices for more diverse and inclusive workplace at #MoveTheDial

#MoveTheDial hosts its inaugural global summit in downtown Toronto bringing 1,000 people to talk about how companies can be more inclusive and diverse.

USMCA round-up: How it affects Canada’s tech sector

The new free trade agreement between Canada and the United States comes with some caveats that will affect the tech sector.

How we can include more women in Canadian tech – March Community Slideshow Part 2

In honour of International Women's Day, this month's ITWC community slideshow asks female executives across the industry, "How can we increase the number of women working in Canadian tech?" Read on for answers from HP Canada, GE, eBay Canada, and more!

Hashtag Trending – Crazy perks from Amazon HQ2 bids, free Apple coding lessons, eBay shopping on smart speakers

The bids for Amazon’s second headquarters may be going too far, Apple is offering free coding sessions at all of its stores, and you can now shop on eBay with your smart speaker.

Let’s not sell digital short in NAFTA talks

Columnist David Crane argues that Canadain and American positions on digital are not aligned in the current NAFTA negotiations. He suggests at a time when the digital world is transforming - but with the implications and how to deal with them not well understood - it's not the thr time for accepting binding NAFTA rules that could close our options in the future.

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