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The importance of data security in advancing e-waste activism

Every year, millions of metric tons of e-waste finds its way into landfills around the globe. The WHO forecasts that e-waste produced annually will...

E-waste and digital transformation: what’s in it for us?

Have you ever decided to buy a computer or a smart phone based on the recycling policy of its manufacturer? E-waste is generated by both enterprises and individuals, and as we lay hands on more electronics, e-waste is set to grow. Personal behaviours and beliefs can shape demand and markets, and our personal digital transformation must include fighting e-waste.

Ontario teen lands first place in the TCS goIT Monthly Competition for creating an app to reduce e-waste

Ritvik Goyal, a 13-year-old student from Scarborough, ON., has won first place in the TCS April 2022 goIT Monthly Challenge for creating an app to reduce e-waste

E-waste, tech’s big dirty secret

Few of us give a thought to the immense amount of resources needed to bring a gadget to life. It has been estimated that...

Greentec becomes first e-waste processor in Canada to receive R2v3 certification

Greentec has become the first electronic waste processor in Canada to receive the R2v3 certification from Sustainable Electronics Recycling International.

Combating e-waste and the growing digital divide | An interview with the founder of Electronic Recycling Association

With new devices imploring hapless consumers to buy them every couple of months, can anyone be blamed for finding themselves in a pile of out-dated and unused technology?

Combine corporate responsibility and satisfying hard drive destruction with Electronic Recycling Association

Since security concerns stop many companies from donating older computers, the Electronics Recycling Association has worked hard to solve that problem.

CSI Leasing brings its equipment crusher to Canada

VIDEO: The IT equipment leasing company rolled out its equipment crushing vehicle this week. See the machine in action and hear from CSI Leasing Canada head Dan Roberts

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