Articles Related to DOS attacks

Half of cyber attacks on Canadian firms succeed, survey suggests

The majority of respondents also believe gathering and using threat intelligence is key to winning the cyber security war

Industry, military experts meet in Estonia for cyberwarfare talks

Security experts gather in Estonia, site of the most devastating cyberattack in recent years, to figure out how to deal with ever escalating cyber security threats

New DOS attacks threaten wireless data networks

A Bell Labs researcher says the threats are the result of weaknesses in the Mobile IP protocol, warning the attacks are easy to launch and hard to detect

UK govt eyes harsher penalties for hackers

The U.K. government is proposing changes to an existing law that it says will bolster the ability to prosecute hackers and put them in prison longer.

Networks need internal security to be truly safe from harm

The average medieval castle featured layers of defence. Multiple wall rings were constructed so that there was no single intrusion point. However, these walls could be rendered useless by that most unpredictable of enemies: the insider

VoIP service the next big target for hackers?

Internet telephone service's appeal as a cutting-edge technology for cutting phone costs is convincing more and more people to ditch their landlines and go hi-tech with Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP companies like Vonage are growing rapidly, with their promise of nifty new features and lower monthly phone bills. Vonage, one of many Internet telephone service providers, says that about 1500 people sign up for its service alone per month. But some computer security experts say that, just as with wireless networking, VoIP's rapid-fire adoption will be closely followed by revelations of security vulnerabilities and electronic attacks.

Telus fight back against DoS threat

Telus Corp. has become the first known carrier to make a major commitment to deploying equipment that will protect its Internet backbone and customers from a range of denial-of-service attacks.

Firm shows how to fend off e-dangers

The Internet has become a riskier place for businesses since the fall of 2001 and doesn't look to be any more secure in the near

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