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IT professionals hold the key to return to the office

We're experiencing changes to the workforce like never before and as a result, more employers are adopting hybrid work policies to create flexibility. This opens a host of security concerns that weren't previously on our radars.

How to protect against the new wave of sophisticated DNS attacks

What's been called 'DNS hijacking at scale' is going on. Read why and what you should do about it

Switching to IBM’s new Quad9 DNS offers many benefits

IBM has unveiled a new free Domain Name System (DNS) service called Quad9 in partnership with the Packet Clearing House (PCH) and the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) that boasts many benefits for users, including better security and privacy.

This cyber attack gives new meaning to the word ‘sophisticated’

Cisco's Talos threat intelligence team shows how attackers are increasingly trying to leverage DNS TXT records to create a bidirectional command and control channel

It’s time for law enforcement to take DNS seriously

As cyber attacks become more common, it is important that our law enforcement protects their online services. A properly configured and redundant DNS is a solid first step to a more secure Canadian Internet.

6 things that IT managers should add to their to-do lists for 2016

In many ways, 2015 could be defined as the year of the hack. Here are six ways to make your DNS more secure.

Canadian vendor ups DNS protection

BlueCat Networks' latest solution is a DNS firewall that stops malicious activity in domain name servers

Use OpenDNS to protect your business network

The service lets you block offensive domains to protect your self from lawsuits, and with a few minutes time, can be used to change the default settings on your modem. Watch our video on DNS security

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