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Shinydocs CEO Jason Cassidy: Digital transformation requires data fitness

Preparing for the next digital transformation, complying with increasing regulations, and combating cybersecurity threats demands greater data fitness, suggests Jason Cassidy, CEO of Shinydocs...

Digital Transformation Week 2021 – Day 3 recap

The virtual conference’s last 60-minute session Thursday was all about Digital transformation from the CIO perspective.

Digital Transformation Week 2021 – Day 2 recap

All about Day 2 of Digital Transformation Week

Tradition of celebrating DX excellence continues in July

The 2021 ITWC Digital Transformation Conference and Awards program features peer-to peer advice on driving innovation.

Digital Transformation Week: Crucial conversations at the critical juncture

What happens in the next six months will be the defining moment for your organization for the next 20 years. If you don’t believe that...

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