Articles Related to digital signature

Organizations don’t have basic visibility into their digital certificates: Keyfactor

Keyfactor talks about headaches surrounding managing digital certs and gives a couple of useful pointers.

Looking out for the little guy

Some of the smallest devices in your organization can pose some of the biggest threats to your company

Scotiabank pilots software to track TV ads

The technology uses direct-from-satellite and other source monitoring coupled with proprietary software that recognizes and indexes what Eloda describes as the commercial's digital signature, or DNA

Energy industry to adopt digital signatures

Giving digital signatures their biggest endorsement to date, energy giants such as Entergy and American Electric Power plan to convert to a new digital certificate using newly developed signature specifications as part of every power trade they make.

Securing your sales

Online payment processing has come a long way in a short time. But to keep the payment pipeline active, CTOs must ensure the security of their customers

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