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TCS launches Pace Port Toronto research and innovation centre

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) yesterday announced the opening of its fifth and largest global research and co-innovation centre in Toronto, which the company said...

Rapid digital transformation presents a massive opportunity for the channel

As organizations shift towards cloud-native architecture to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their IT Ops teams, and embrace a hybrid cloud approach to allow dynamic and agile application development techniques; they will need new solutions to manage and optimize performance across their IT estate.

In Canada, FinTech innovation is a missed opportunity

With such heavy involvement from the government, what Canada gains in financial stability and consistency, it loses in its ability to innovate. 

Everything’s gone green – a conversation with Ann Rosenberg, SVP of Sustainability at Wood

An interview in advance of the Everything’s Gone Green roundtable, to find out more about how science fiction thinking can help address the greatest challenges of our time.

3 ways cloud can fuel digital innovation

Here are three critical cloud-adoption disciplines CIOs can master to scale cloud as an innovation platform for digital initiatives — and even launch new business models.

Great digital experiences are essential for success this holiday shopping season

Businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to establish trusted and sustainable relationships with customers, if they’re able to provide them with applications and digital services that make a real impact over the holidays.

6 ways AI is changing the retail shopping experience

In the midst of a global pandemic, retailers needed to discover new methods of interacting with customers and marketing products to their target demographic using AI technology.

Retail tech professionals need better tools for success

Retailers have had to rush through digital transformation programs at breakneck speed to deliver new digital services for customers and ensure their workforces can continue to operate effectively.

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