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Digital health platforms partner to provide further healthcare access for new parents in Canada

Koble, a digital health and well-being platform for expecting and new parents, is partnering with Maple, a virtual care platform that provides on-demand access...

How to avoid consumer pain points around wearable medical technology

While there is currently an overwhelming sense of opportunity within the wearable technology sector, research revealed a pressing need for technology providers and digital health application owners to prioritize user experience.

Ontario-based company providing virtual healthcare for kids

Canada’s first digital paediatric healthcare platform, KixCare has raised $2 million in seed funding.

Innovation leaders lauded at Digital Transformation Awards

The pandemic has been all about pivoting in the face of unprecedented challenges, and the winners of IT World Canada’s Digital Transformation Awards prove...

Global healthcare sector ranks security programs on par with other industries

[Sponsored] Cisco’s 2021 Security Outcomes Study surveyed 4800 active IT, security and privacy professionals from around the world to find out which security practices are working best.

Don’t find yourself up the creek! Follow the value stream to ensure a successful HIS implementation.

Utilizing value stream mapping approaches during HIS/EMR projects help to create partnerships and co-design solutions that can yield improved outcomes and implementation success.

AI and analytics dig deep into dermatology

2019 Ingenious Small Private Sector Award | MetaOptima's DermEngine   One in seven Canadians are diagnosed with a form of skin cancer in their lifetime, and...

HIS/EMR replacement: Peeling the onion early to avoid tears

People familiar working on projects will understand the analogy of peeling the layers of an onion. Typically, when used in reference to projects, this refers to additional details being uncovered that weren’t initially considered. The onion analogy is apt because newly uncovered details rarely yield pleasant surprises, they usually bring tears. An HIS/EMR replacement is a significantly complex project. The magnitude of change goes beyond a single onion, it is more like a bunch, or in some cases a field. But there are ways to minimize the tears. It begins with organizational decomposition.

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