Articles Related to denial-of-service attacks

Security barriers to VoIP and how to handle them

While VoIP is susceptible to the same threats as other network applications, there are some potential VoIP-specific attacks, says David Endler, chairman and founder of the VoIP Security Alliance.

Security threatened by aging system and unvigilant workers

Stolen credit card numbers, hacked federal computer systems and other high-profile on-line assaults have put many users...

Microsoft admits defence against attacks was inadequate

Microsoft Corp. confirmed on Jan. 26 that some of its Web sites had been struck by a ...

IRC network attacks continue

The free Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network run by the Undernet is continuing to be assaulted by distributed denial-of-service attacks, leading some of the companies that operate the group's servers to terminate their hosting agreements.

U.S. government warns about attacks against e-commerce sites

As the busy holiday shopping season gets into full swing, a federal security agency affiliated with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning that attacks by malicious hackers against e-commerce Web sites and other companies doing business online are on the rise.

Is It Time To Outsource Security?

As companies become more vulnerable to attacks on their systems, the job of keeping on top of security grows increasingly difficult. Hiring outside security specialists may be the answer.

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