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AI now and in the next five years: Eric Schmidt talks AI at Collision 2022

At Collison 2022 in Toronto last week, former Google chief executive officer Eric Schmidt shared his thoughts on where artificial intelligence (AI) is headed,...

Meta builds AI Research SuperCluster for future AI and the metaverse

Meta believes that its new AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) will be among the fastest AI supercomputers running in the world once it’s fully built. The...

Dalhousie University’s AI robotics team wins gold in RoboCup

The Dalhousie University's AI robotics team, CYRUS, has become the first Canadian team to win gold in the international RoboCup competition. Team CYRUS, led by...

Start the long journey to AI gains now, or risk missing out on the benefits

Much like the dot-com boom and bust of 2000, the hype of AI is probably ahead of its time, but that doesn't mean it's not worth doing.

AI will infiltrate every industry and businesses need to be prepared, experts say

If you think the disruptive nature of artificial intelligence (AI) will spare your particular industry, you’re wrong, according to the AI panel at ITWC’s...

Microsoft updates its AI-powered translation service

With Google's Pixel Bud headphones hitting the streets with an artificial intelligence-powered translation service, Microsoft is upping the ante with a new update to Microsoft Translator.

Deep learning and AI can create different ethical issues

Washington D.C.  - In its most basic form, artificial intelligence is an algorithm that is trained to learn via the data that is fed to...

SAS chief data scientist says that we’ve only built ‘weak AI’ – so far

When we see artificial intelligence in fiction, it usually encompasses the AI functioning just as a human. That’s called ‘strong AI’ and well, we aren’t there yet. But we will be.

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