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The future of sales and the pervasiveness of technology

Last week, I was a guest speaker at the Sales Leadership Conference organized by Dr. Karen Peesker, Co-Founder of the Sales Leadership Institute, a...

Launching in April – a free Lighthouse Labs program to teach Canadians data skills

Canadian tech education firm Lighthouse Labs yesterday is launching a 21-Day Data Challenge on April 11 to help Canadians develop their data skills.

Women in data science careers worldwide

In our technology-laden world, data science touches virtually every industry worldwide. However, a significant disparity exists within the data science industry: the large majority of those working within data science are men.

Building trustworthy AI

While global businesses are acutely aware of the importance of having trustworthy AI, the consensus is that the maturation of AI has been slower than expected due to the challenges encountered in commercialization of AI.

Canada Post: Data Scientist in the Lead: Carol Wilson

What is a data scientist? Harvard was the first to say “data scientists” is the sexiest job of the 21st Century.  The field of data science...

Landing that dream data scientist position

Demand for data scientists is continuing to grow. Here's how to get in on the action.

Data scientists can’t spell sustainability

As data science has grown in importance, it has encountered the IS department with increasing frequency. These encounters produce lots of misunderstandings, occasional conflict,...

AI poised for a business breakthrough by delivering content smarts to workers

While Canadian CEOs understand the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), many struggle to implement it useful ways. Expert market-watchers say that’s about to change. The...

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