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Wi-Fi Alliance to certify 802.11g WLANs this summer

The Wi-Fi Alliance plans to start interoperability and certification testing this summer of new wireless LAN products based on the still-evolving 802.11g standard, which offers 54M bit/sec. data in the 2.4-GHz band.

G.SHDSL: It’s like ADSL, only better

G.SHDSL is a new international standard for single-pair, high-speed DSL, as defined in the ITU-T Standard G.991.2. Unlike asymmetric DSL, which was designed for residential applications in which more bandwidth is delivered downstream (to the house) than is available upstream (to the Internet), G.SHDSL is symmetrical - offering 2.3Mbps in both directions.

Intel kills InfiniBand chip program

In a move that some experts say is a blow to the emerging InfiniBand market, Intel Corp. announced to partners on Monday that it has killed plans to produce silicon chips that would allow for high-speed server clustering and communication with other devices, such as storage arrays.

UMTS will eclipse GPRS before its peak

The GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) mobile phone networks being launched across Europe will never be used to full capacity, as handset makers are sluggish with mobile phone development, according to market research firm Gartner Group Inc.

Microcell gets 2.5G software

In anticipation of rolling out its data network coast-to-coast by the end of this year, Toronto

Microcell picks up software needed for 2.5G roaming

In anticipation of rolling out its data network coast-to-coast by the end of this year, Toronto

AT&T relays Net hosting centre plans

AT&T Corp. said Tuesday it has completed what it claims is the first U.S. coast-to-coast OC-192 (10G bits per second) IP (Internet Protocol) backbone and also announced it will more than double its Web hosting capacity this year with construction of seven more U.S. data centres and one in Asia.

Forum seeks global standard for 4G data transmission

Trying to untangle the issues for the betterment of the wireless data transmission industry was the goal...

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