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Cyber Security Today, March 8, 2021 – Patching, data breaches and a spoiled racing car announcement

Today's podcast reports on patching needed for D-Link, Citrix and Cisco devices, data breaches at a Nova Scotia pension plan and a U.S. military insurer and a spoiled F1 announcement 

Cloud-managed networking for companies of every size

Cloud-managed infrastructure may not be new, but until recently it has been something exclusively for larger enterprises. As a rule, SMBs simply don’t have...

Navigating a changing landscape

Before the Internet, technology was not typically a huge concern for most companies. Employees had a big box under their desk, and a keyboard...

7 security risks CIOs need to know

D-Link routers are vulnerable to remote access attack, a new POS malware, Seagate Business NAS flaw warning and other security risks

Firmware flaw allows hack attack of D-Link routers, other devices

Firmware flaw allows hackers to alter the device’s domain name system (DNS) settings and lets the attackers hijack user traffic

D-Link celebrates 25 years with a refocus on consumers

The international network product company celebrates 25 years of connecting computers by catering better to modern consumer needs and concerns

D-Link rolls out enterprise networking portfolio

The networking vendor used the Interop conference to signal it's not just a $99 router company anymore. It's taking on Cisco Systems and HP, and playing to win

D-Link switch supports IPv6 addressing

D-Link Inc. recently released the DGS-3612G, an xStack switch product the company said will support the emergent Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) standard

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