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Cloud-managed infrastructure may not be new, but until recently it has been something exclusively for larger enterprises. As a rule, SMBs simply don’t have the in-house bandwidth — neither the budget nor the skills and knowledge — to handle complex issues.

“It’s an enormous gap,” says D-Link’s Wes Van de Polder, “but it’s also an enormous opportunity for those MSPs who are able to see it.”

Perhaps you’re a VAR looking to grab a slice of the managed services pie (According to Statista, the market is expected to grow to around $300 billion by 2023 from $193 billion this year). Or maybe you’re an MSP who wants to expand your offering with a cost-effective yet profitable solution to manage your customers’ networks from a clean cloud interface.

Perfect-fit MSP solution
For many around the world, D-Link’s Nuclias Cloud Management solution has been the answer. Nuclias is a complete cloud-managed networking solution that is scalable from SMBs to enterprise-level organizations with one or more sites. Wi-Fi coverage and network capacity are provided by high-performance access points and cloud-managed switches deployed onsite while configuration and ongoing management can be carried out remotely through a web browser or tablet.

The Nuclias platform was developed largely to serve smaller IT groups wrestling with complexity and high licensing costs. While large teams usually have all the resources they need to deal with issues, smaller enterprises are limited to performing routine maintenance alongside their everyday tasks; unfortunately for these teams, performance expectations continue to rise, even if the resources available to them remain the same year over year.

“It’s that old problem of having to do more with less,” says Van de Polder. “Today, even tiny companies that wouldn’t occupy a single floor at a major enterprise need their infrastructures to have the high-performing systems and resilience of a big industry player. It may not be fair, but in an ultra-competitive market, to not do so is to court failure.”

“This is exactly where our Nuclias Cloud Networking platform fits — as a path for smaller companies to have their networks managed through the cloud without the complexity or high cost. And what a pleasure for MSPs to be able to offer these companies a perfect-fit solution to what up to now has been a perfectly unsolvable problem.”

Simplicity first
Nuclias is first and foremost about simplicity and value as it offers the functionality of a high-end solution with the usability smaller MSPs can handle all well keeping licensing fees to a minimum.

“It was our goal to provide resellers of any size with a managed services platform they could use to support their customers, without the need to up their resource commitment,” says Van de Polder.

“Nuclias offers true zero-touch provisioning. Access points can be shipped from stock and configured remotely, with no configuration required on-site. This saves significant time on deployment, and boosts service-level performance when equipment needs to be quickly added.”

Reasons aplenty to go Nuclias
Among the many compelling reasons to consider selling Nuclias from D-Link:

  • Regular income: Nuclias is an ongoing service that makes you money on a continuous basis. D-Link’s solution is priced very competitively, and gives you high margins while customers get the simplicity and straightforward connectivity they want
  • Reduced overhead: Installing and managing Nuclias is a simple matter of plugging in and powering up — someone with IT experience can set it up and manage it remotely online
  • Reliability and reputation: Nuclias offers high-performance access points and cloud-managed switches which are managed by a centralized cloud-based control system, and deploys over 50,000 cloud-managed networks on a trusted, top-tier global service platform
  • Predictability: Set your “pay-as-you-grow” pricing based on D-Link’s simple, fixed costs; no over-provisioning or additional license fees make it much easier to know what to charge and to forecast profits.
  • Easy to maintain and grow: If a customer wants to add a new site or expand an existing one, it’s easy to incorporate it into your pay-as-you-grow offering.

“We always like to say we’re a global organization with a local touch,” says Van de Polder. “I can’t think offhand of a single reseller who has direct contact with us that isn’t ecstatic. And that goes for our technical support as well. Our resellers say we’re very accessible. We take great pride in this. It all starts with what we offer, and extends all the way out to our entire network of valued partners.”

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