Articles Related to customer engagement

CIOs lead digital transformation efforts into 2019, research shows

CIOs are more often taking the charge on rebuilding businesses from within to be digital-first.

Personalize, customize and crowdsource to stay ahead of industry disruptors

CIOs must learn how to engage with customers through personalization and crowdsourcing tactics.

Experience is Everything

Customer expectations are higher than ever today, especially on the web. They expect you to know who they are and what device they are...

Augmented reality: what does the popularity of Pokémon Go mean for the enterprise?

At the moment Pokémon Go is entertaining millions and capturing media buzz. Concurrently, the much bigger AR business opportunities are receiving huge investment but much less attention

5 tech trends redefining the customer experience

Technology is at the core of the contact centre, and the key trends of 2016 revolve around the ways that great tech and great...

Social selling should focus on engagement, not the hard sell

Social selling is a nuanced process that involves real relationship building, and a give and take type of transaction

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