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Published: November 7th, 2019

OpenText acquires Liaison Technologies for $310 million

Waterloo-based OpenText has announced its official acquisition of cloud-based information integration and data management company Liaison Technologies Inc. in an all-cash...

December 18th, 2018 Meagan Simpson

Zero to hero: how Vancouver upped its digital maturity to become one of the most innovative cities in Canada

Vancouver was Canada’s first city to implement a digital strategy more than five years ago in an effort to transform...

June 14th, 2018 Mandy Kovacs

Solving problems, not machine learning, should be tech industry’s focus, former U.S. CTO says

A day after the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)’s 2018 Discovery conference kicked off with a robot and her creator...

May 2nd, 2018 Eric Emin Wood

The Business Leadership Podcast: Dave Penny, CTO at Ethoca

With more than 20 years of experience at the technological forefront of innovative software businesses, David Penny has held leading...

November 8th, 2017 Edwin Frondozo

The Business Leadership Podcast: Alan Fong, CTO at Fleet Complete

Alan brings over 20 years of experience building and developing innovative and high-growth technology companies, including technology leadership and execution...

October 11th, 2017 Edwin Frondozo

Diply banner - feature

5 amazing viral content tips from Diply’s CTO (you won’t believe #4)

When he was demanded to cough up Diply's secret recipe for generating 1 billion monthly views and maintaining an Alexa top-20...

March 14th, 2017 Brian Jackson

a team working together

How to be a rock star CIO

There are CIOs, and then there are CIOs. Some toil away tirelessly, getting the job done, and carve out perfectly...

February 16th, 2016 Danny Bradbury

data centres, servers, server room, technology, data management

Head Honcho Hangouts: Aamir Hussain, CTO, CenturyLink

There's a new land rush taking place in Canada. No, it's not to lay claim to gold or other precious...

December 7th, 2015 Brian Jackson

IT leadership and the CIO

Digital innovation & the changing role of the CIO

Today many CIOs are going through an identity crisis. The crossroads that CIOs find themselves in is driven by the...

September 16th, 2015 Sherif Sheta