Wendy Jing

Wendy Jing - Media Manager, Green Apple Pay. Chuyue (Wendy) Jing graduated with a Bachelor's of Commerce from Queen's University. She has a wide array of experiences from auditing, consulting, and marketing and she is passionate about the startup and nonprofit sector.

Articles by Wendy Jing

How smart tech is transforming nonprofits

Exploring case studies of how two different nonprofits used smart technology to minimize barriers they faced from the COVID-19 pandemic, and improve efficiency while making human interactions more meaningful.

5 organizations that can help non-profits in 2022

Highlight 5 low-cost or free technology tools that will allow non-profits to adopt technology seamlessly and manage the change in consumer habits.

5 trends for non-profits to watch for in 2022

Leveraging the learnings from Xero’s report and taking action to implement the following trends in your non-profit will create an environment that welcomes possibilities and growth in 2022.

How non-profits can keep their teams engaged with virtual meetings

What are some ways nonprofit leaders can access multimedia services better? Read on to find out.

Why non-profits would benefit from a CTO

Four CTOs offer their perspectives about how other CTOs can make an impact in the non-profit sector.

Disruption – nonprofits should embrace it

Today, I want to take a more in-depth look at how anywhere operations and AR/VR will disrupt the nonprofit sector. 

5 nonprofit sector trends in 2021

2020 has been a hard year for everyone and we wanted to compile a list of top 5 technology trends that would apply to nonprofits.

Peer-to-Peer fundraising: How Interac e-transfers to strangers teaches nonprofits to embrace technology

Apps and platforms have adapted to how Millennials and Gen Z prefer to live their lives, but nonprofits are still using legacy platforms to collect donations. It's time that changed.

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