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Mobile version of Silverlight unveiled

Microsoft wants Silverlight 2.0 installed on as many mobile devices as possible, and the development tool is slated for release on the Nokia S60 with the Symbian operating system. Find out how Canadian companies are using rich Internet applications

Canadian Linux firm buys e-mail provider

Xandros moves on after its controversial partnership with Microsoft to acquire Scalix, an open source e-mail, calendar and groupware platform. The CEO explains his strategy

Microsoft adds .Net to give Silverlight a glow

Microsoft Corp. is integrating the .Net framework into its new Silverlight browser technology for running multimedia applications on the Web, the company revealed Monday. The move is part of an expanded effort to build a significant developer base so Microsoft can catch up to Adobe Systems Inc. in providing a revenue-generating business in the rich Internet applications (RIAs) market.

Novell sets GroupWise direction

Novell Inc. last month tried to dispel rumours of an imminent demise of its GroupWise collaboration platform by laying out a three-year road map...

Dell joins the handheld horserace

If one were to judge a market based on the sheer quantity of new products pumped into it, then PDAs would presumably be king of the gadget world. With new PDAs from Dell, Palm, ViewSonic and Hewlett-Packard all hitting the shelves within weeks of each other, it would seem that there

Mozilla team releases Phoenix browser

The Mozilla development project,, on Monday released Phoenix 0.1, a speedier version of its open source Web browser.

Cybermation tries to turn cross-platform to gold

In an effort to save costs, or keep up with the Joneses, many companies will bring on board new software solutions.

Say bye to Visual J++ and hi to Cool — maybe

Microsoft Corp.'s voyages through the U.S. court system produces anecdotes the way a runaway horse shoots sparks...

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