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Off-the-shelf finds new shelves

"Excuse me, young man," I turned at the compliment and found a smallish senior citizen. "Would you know if there

The central question

Suppose for a minute that you are tasked with constructing or upgrading a corporate data centre

Comdex: the long and descending road

But if previous years enticed you to dive into the excitement, you barely got a soggy sneaker in 2001.

Mobile-commerce leaves me yawning

Much will be possible but the one question that must be answered is: Will we want to use all this stuff?

Goodbye. And thank you

This is my last editorial for ComputerWorld Canada. I will put this issue to bed on a Wednesday and on Thursday walk out of a company at which I

Meet Heather Lawver, Internet hero

Heather Lawver is a passionate Harry Potter fan, an advocate for free speech, and the senior strategist for the group Defense Against the Dark Arts. She is also 16 years old.

CIPS tackles IT gender gap

While companies often complain about the labour shortage, very few ever bother to take proactive corrective steps.

Remembering Canada

On the weekend of Feb. 24 an Italian princess named Elettra Marconi retraced steps laid down by her father almost 100 years earlier. In so doing, she paid tribute to the role Canada played in one of history

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