Articles Related to copyright violations

Swiss antipiracy firm warned by government

Swiss company that tracks file sharers for copyright violations could be telecommunications law, according to the country

A meaningless court win?

Early in the morning of July 4, NASA purposefully crashed an 820-pound chunk of metal into a comet at about 23,000 mph. The flight of the Deep Impact probe, which started in early January as the third part of a billion-dollar mission, was designed to see what makes up a comet.

German company clogs SCO’s legal machine

A tiny German software company has thrown some sand in the gears of The SCO Group Inc.'s roaring legal machine.

SCO steps up licensing battle, reports loss

Unix developer The SCO Group Inc. last week stepped up its efforts to collect license fees from Linux users and reported a quarterly net loss as a result of legal costs associated with its intellectual property rights campaign.

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