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Conficker’s stealthy update

Wily worm reprogrammed to contact,,, and to infect more machines

Cisco warns of four WLAN controller vulnerabilities

No workarounds for these vulnerabilities exist. But Cisco has posted software patches for all four of them

Nortel will stick to core voice business

Nortel makes PBXs, firewalls and a whole whack of other products. CEO Mike Zafirovski is on the right track now but the Canadian manufacturer will probably discontinue a lot of product lines

Interop goes wireless

Vendors are adding bells and whistles to their wireless LAN products as the industry awaits a new generation of gear that may replace wired LANs entirely.

WLAN products undergo facelift

Three wireless LAN vendors are releasing software upgrades that add features for intrusion detection, radio frequency management and wireless VoIP. The changes are part of the evolution of enterprise WLANs, which includes giving network administrators more sophisticated management tools and better tuning of the WLAN infrastructure to deal with voice traffic.

Software comes of age

Without software, life as we now know it would grind to a halt. There would be no Web, no e-commerce, and no way to manage today

Wireless LAN product barrage on tap

Some of the biggest names in the wireless LAN industry recently unveiled products that could help define the next stage for enterprise wireless networks.

Factories gain from IP-routed data flow

Manufacturing companies are IP-enabling their shops to pull real-time data off the factory floor and into back-end databases and ERP systems. These firms say the goal is to drive productivity and increase customer satisfaction, while lowering the costs of network downtime and waste.

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