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Predictive analytics could help narrow ‘tax gap’: Conference Board of Canada

It's hard to calculate exactly how much money Canada loses to tax evasion or misreporting, but data analytics could help prevent it.

Insider threats: Some telltale signs that could tip off CSOs and their teams

A behavioural psychologist discusses the emotional cues and characteristic traits that could help identify potential rogue employees before they do damage

Who’s an insider threat? This one-paragraph definition sums it up for CSOs

The Conference Board of Canada offers a way of thinking through the potential scope of IT security problems that start from within

Canada’s grade on IT investment suggests innovation is a luxury CIOs put off

Deloitte and the Conference Board of Canada note deepening IT spending cuts and warn of the impact on productivity and more

25 Innovation questions the Conference Board of Canada says could shape better decisions

A recent report delves deep into generating breakthrough ideas, but an excerpt from Twitter may be all you need to start

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