Articles Related to compliance

The critical role of a Privacy Officer: why you may need one soon

Any business that is processing personal or sensitive information should appoint a Privacy Officer to oversee compliance obligations, and protect the interests of their data subjects.

The next iteration of cloud transformation: a cloud-like experience, anywhere

If not everything can be moved to the public cloud, how can we bring a cloud-like experience to data and applications, no matter where they are housed?

It’s time to prepare for the new PCI standard

Are you a service provider or merchant that stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data? If so, prepare accordingly — version 4.0 of the Payment...

The benefits of a properly implemented remote workforce

As working remotely becomes a standard offering, instead of an emergency allowance, some firms struggle to properly manage the compliance of their remote workforce.

Layers the best cybersecurity approach in 2021

Even with all the uncertainty in the world, people welcomed the turning of the new year as a fresh start. Cyber-criminals also welcomed 2021...

Canadian IT professionals guarded about security success

Canadian IT and security professionals report lower levels of security program success than their counterparts in the Americas, according to a new survey. The goal...

Understanding Canadian cybersecurity laws: Deep, dark, and undetectable – Canadian jurisdictional considerations in global encrypted networks (Article 7)

In this article, we will discuss the legal issues relating to encrypted online criminal activities, specifically those involving or facilitated by the use of Dark Web browsers and cryptocurrencies.

The Top Three Things to Look for in Fully Managed IT Services: Compliance, Continuity and Communication

Digital transformation presents many opportunities to drive business goals, but innovations like AI and cloud computing come with unique challenges. Faced with adopting a...

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