Overcoming the obstacles to enterprise cloud migration

Enterprises face hurdles around experience, costing and governance when racing to adopt the cloud and its competitive benefits. The solution...

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4 steps for SAM excellence

As organizations increase their familiarity with software asset management (SAM) and its many benefits, many anxiously seek to implement and...

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Put an end to software sprawl

Many organizations are still using tedious manual processes to keep track of their software inventories, and it’s costing them time...

January 12th, 2017 Cindy Baker

Five BYOD best practices

The 5 biggest SAM misconceptions

The benefits of software asset management (SAM) are becoming more well-recognized, but several fallacies continue to hold some organizations back...

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Software Audits: What you don’t know will hurt you

There are a few inevitabilities in life: death, taxes and, for those in IT and procurement, software audits. “The likelihood...

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Software Inventory: You don’t know what you don’t know

Companies without a transparent view into their software inventory are spending billions on unused and duplicate software, a problem that...

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The ABCs of Volume Licensing: Cutting through the acronym soup of Microsoft EAs, MPSAs and CSP agreements

Volume licensing can be a challenging discussion and difficult for organizations to navigate. The options depend on numerous factors. There...

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Partnerships ease transition to the cloud

Partnerships ease transition to the cloud

In the world of IT, change is constant. But in this new digital age, change is accelerating, which has consequences...

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Failing to understand licensing agreements comes with a cost

No organization can operate without licencing. Yet, many organizations don’t understand what licences they have or how they are used....

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