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Hashtag Trending Feb.22- ChatGPT generates gibberish responses; Japan tries to get back its chip manufacturing; New app to cut back on food waste

ChatGPT starts spewing gibberish. Critics complain about the environmental impact of AI and the secrecy of the major players, Japan aims to get back...

OpenAI acknowledges “ChatGPT had a meltdown”

ChatGPT had what witnesses are describing as a “meltdown” over the past day.

The world according to Hinton: Slowing AI down is not the answer

Eight months ago, Geoffrey Hinton, the esteemed professor emeritus at the University of Toronto who resigned his post at Google over concerns about artificial...

OpenAI gives ChatGPT a digital memory

OpenAI is set to enhance the ChatGPT experience by integrating a digital memory feature, marking a significant leap forward in personalizing user interactions with its AI chatbot.

Sam Altman admits that ChatGPT has gotten lazy: Hashtag Trending, Tuesday February 6th, 2024

Sam Altman admits what we all knew and promises to fix the laziness that has affected ChatGPT.  Some companies may still be sitting on...

Hashtag Trending Jan.31- Ransomware payments declining? ChatGPT leaking chat histories; UK law may ban Apple from issuing security updates worldwide

  Hey out there. Someone wrote me yesterday to tell me that they had tried to pass on how to subscribe, but it was difficult...

ChatGPT user discovers chat histories from unrelated users

In a concerning development for users of AI services a ChatGPT user, encountered a serious privacy issue when he discovered chat histories from unrelated users in his account.

Hashtag Trending Jan.29- LLMs learn to hide dishonest behaviour; Tech layoffs a strategic move? 90 per cent of spreadsheets have errors

AI models can learn to hide their dishonest behaviour, Open AI is making it easy for anyone to call multiple GPTs from a single...

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