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Info-Tech session for IT execs goes ‘behind the hype’ of ChatGPT

Now that OpenAI’s ChatGPT is in the public domain, the big discussion point being pondered revolves around what impact it will have on society...

Gartner analyst explores impact of tech’s hottest topic – ChatGPT mania

ChatGPT represents the perfect storm of two current hot AI topics – chatbots and GPT-3 - for together they offer a “wonderfully intriguing method...

6 ways AI is changing the retail shopping experience

In the midst of a global pandemic, retailers needed to discover new methods of interacting with customers and marketing products to their target demographic using AI technology.

Five tips to boost your customer experience

A dramatic change in the customer service landscape over the past year has many businesses revisiting their approach. “We had to move faster with our...

Hashtag Trending: AI in the enterprise, smarter chatbots, ethical AI goes global in 2019

Businesses adopting artificial intelligence, chatbots get smarter, and ethical AI goes global. Listen to the latest Hashtag Trending HERE! 2018 was the year that artificial intelligence...

Enterprises are struggling to adopt AI, Microsoft wants to help

Adopting artificial intelligence (AI) into actual business practices can be difficult, but Microsoft Corp. is looking to change that, announcing several technology updates aimed at helping...

Chatter Research uses AI to make collecting feedback feel less weird [Ingenious winner]

Chatter Research is winning the Ingenious Award for new innovative companies thanks to its clever chatbot approach to collecting user feedback.

Why 2017 is the year to go digital in customer onboarding

Transforming the customer onboarding experience around e-signing is about more than the simple act of signing. You have to consider what’s involved in the entire work flow.

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