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Intel gears for January launch of mobile dual-core processor

Chipmaker Intel Corporation is giving mobile computing a boost in performance and much better power efficiency, with a goal of enabling eight-hour continuous battery life by 2008. Intel's sequel to the Centrino mobile platform, codenamed Napa, is equipped with its Yonah dual-core processor technology that promises to be nearly 40 per cent faster than the current Sonoma Intel Pentium M 780 processor.

Intel employees deploy hotspot on North Pole

Intel Corp. has admitted it is contributing to global warming

Intel to launch tri-mode Wi-Fi chipset

Fulfilling a long-time goal, Intel Corp. is set to introduce on Thursday its first chipset that supports all three current forms of Wi-Fi, according to sources familiar with the announcement.

Dell, HP introduce new notebooks

The top two PC vendors worldwide, Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co., released this week new notebooks designed to be attractive for mobile users such as business travelers and students, as the vendors compete for the attention of buyers heading into the most important selling seasons of the year for PC companies.

Acer launches Centrino Tablet

Acer Inc. has introduced the TravelMate C110, which it claims to be the first Centrino-based convertible tablet PC to debut on the world market.

Intel debuts cheaper mobile chip

Intel Corp. introduced Celeron M on Monday, a lower-cost version of its nine-month-old Pentium M Centrino mobile technology processor chip, which targets users that love their notebooks, but don't place a high priority on wireless connectivity.

Broadcom puts Wi-Fi into one chip

Wi-Fi won't weigh down handheld devices as much starting in the fourth quarter, as Broadcom Corp. introduces a single-chip component that provides IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN connectivity.

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