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BlackBerry Key 2 LE now available in Canada

The BlackBerry Key 2 LE is now available to Canadians through select retailers and carriers.

LTE wireless to launch 2015 or later: Analyst

A Frost & Sullivan analyst anticipates current voice and data wireless cellular networks in Canada will not convert to Long Term Evolution for at least another five years. But James Brehm says corporate training, telemedicine and e-readers will drive demand for fourth-generation wireless

Connectivity makes PDA into true all-in-one

As tech vendors add Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, e-mail and voice messaging to the personal digital assistants (PDAs) they sell, it seems this big notion of convergence is at hand.

Study: Mobile phones to overtake fixed lines by 2006

The number of cell phones worldwide could eclipse the number of traditional land lines by 2006, according to a report issued Thursday by a California research company.

Smart Phones May Overtake Handhelds

IT managers everywhere are already cursing the number of handhelds brought in the backdoor by users, and they're rushing to find ways to make the devices more useful to their operations and easier to support. As if that weren't problem enough, soon there'll be a smart phone population explosion to deal with. A smart phone is a data-enabled cellular phone that allows Web browsing and e-mail access, data manipulation, and use of personal information manager (PIM) software.

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