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Canadian Telecom Summit: AI taking phone fraud to new heights

At the 22nd Canadian Telecom Summit, Seattle-based Hiya unpacked the state of phone fraud in Canada, and how the rise of generative AI is...

Why recovering quickly from a cyber attack should be infosec pros’ prime goal

Because a determined threat actor will likely penetrate any organization, the prime goal of a cybersecurity plan should be getting quickly back online, a...

CRTC forces large telcos to share fibre network with competitors, Bell pulls back on investments

At the 22nd Canadian Telecom Summit, the Canadian Radio-television Commission (CRTC) Chair, Vicky Eatrides, announced that large cable and telephone companies will have to...

Canadian Telecom Summit: ‘Complexity is the enemy of security and the opportunity for cybercrime’

During a cybersecurity panel experts warned complexity in networks only benefits threat actors

CTS 2018: CRTC’s push to stomp out nuisance calls ‘aggressive’ but necessary, says Neustar exec

While technology continues to improve the omnichannel experience for customers, more than half of Canadians still prefer to get answers quickly over the phone. But there’s a serious problem - when the phone rings, they’re barely picking up.

The FCC’s CIO uses a D.H. Lawrence poem to explain our digital future

David Bray makes a brief but powerful impression at the Canadian Telecom Summit. Learn from his approach to speaking like a true IT leader

Telecom conference regulatory panel entertains again

Back for a return run, the legal eagles of carriers had centre stage at this year's show and they didn't disappoint

Doctors too slow to adopt EHRs, says Telus

Canada lags all G7 nations in adopting electronic health records in hospitals and doctors' offices, the Canadian Telecom Summit is told

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