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2020 CanadianCIO Census: Employee well-being skyrockets to top of CIOs’ priority list

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is foremost in the minds of CIOs, but the latest CanadianCIO Census suggests their top concern is not about technology or cybersecurity, it’s the well-being of their employees.

Employers hiking salaries to attract new hires, but forgetting about current staff, Hays reports

Raising salaries to attract new candidates while forgetting to offer raises to current employees could cause problems for Canadian tech companies in a 2019...

Lessons from BlackBerry, Moneris among highlights of 2018 Digital Transformation Awards

More than 200 tech professionals attended the 2018 ITWC Digital Transformation Awards. Read on for tips from BlackBerry, OpenText, AWS, Moneris, and more!

5 ways to get your boss to buy into the benefits of cloud

Convincing senior leadership of the value of cloud remains one of the biggest hurdles to its adoption, say CIOs and technology executives. In the Canadian...

Get the most out of your cloud journey with these tried and tested practices

The cloud adoption journey will be unique for every organization, but that doesn’t mean they should go it alone, say experts. Instead, they should rely...

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