Articles Related to Canada 3.0

Suneet Singh Tuli: Government as a customer

VIDEO The CEO of low-cost tablet maker DataWind discusses the role of the Indian government as his company's customer and validator. From Canada 3.0

Michael Serbinis: Go international or go home

VIDEO In this interview from Canada 3.0The co-founder of electronic book store Kobo speaks about the importance of being international right out of the box and how agility can help gauge which markets will take off -- and which won't

SLIDESHOW: 15 ideas from Canada 3.0

Re-capping 15 recommendations presented during the Canada 3.0 forum wrap-up

Canada 3.0 speaker suggests re-branding Canada

Government, academia and industry gear up for a two-day forum on how Canada can be a leader in the digital economy. Keynote speaker Tony Chapman says Canada has the potential for becoming the go-to nation for innovation.

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