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Pitney Bowes combines Group One, MapInfo

The new unit, Pitney Bowes Business Insight, positions the company uniquely in the location-based services market, says one analyst. WITH VIDEO

Director of distributed systems, First American Corp.

With virtualization, British Columbia's health administrator saves $70,000 a year on hydro alone, but probably will not jump on the off-premise bandwagon anytime soon. What two VMware customers had to say at VMWorld

How to ensure business leaders get IT

Many businesspeople are ignorant of IT partly because IT discussions have traditionally focused on the technology itself rather than on how the product of IT -- information --affects business operations. Here's what CIOs can do to remedy the situation.

Make your IT environment SOA effective, says BEA

When it comes to IT services, BEA Inc. says it's a big supporter of the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Teradata aims for simpler management

Companies want a single, accurate version of the truth about their customers, sales and revenues. Assembling a lot of mismatched jigsaw puzzle pieces into some semblance of a coherent whole is increasingly unacceptable.

responsible wealth co-director, UFE

A public advocacy group has called on Hewlett-Packard CEO and president Mark Hurd to take a pay cut in light of the company's cost restructuring to "share the suffering" of some 14,500 HP employees expected to be laid off within the next 18 months. Boston, Mass.-based United for a Fair Economy (UFE) said the impending mass lay off that HP announced yesterday is another case of "employees being made to pay for executive mistakes."

CIO/CEO link strengthening

A recent survey commissioned by the Society for Information Management (SIM) demonstrates a significant shift over the past two years in the reporting structure...

Meet your new boss

You've been demoted. The CEO called you into his office, sat you down and told you that after a great deal of careful thought and consideration, he's decided that you will now report to the CFO. Everyone agrees this makes the most sense. IT doesn't need to report to the CEO, so IT shouldn't.

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