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The rise of the IT business analyst

Is it Revenge of the Suits? Business analyst is one of the hottest jobs in IT right now. Find out why everyone wants someone who can put the pieces together

IT rachets up social media involvement

IT in general appears ambivalent about social media, according to market research, but experts say that may be the wrong attitude to take. Here's why

When and why good projects go bad

What project failures can teach you, and why IT would be Spock if companies were Star Trek

How to ensure business leaders get IT

Many businesspeople are ignorant of IT partly because IT discussions have traditionally focused on the technology itself rather than on how the product of IT -- information --affects business operations. Here's what CIOs can do to remedy the situation.

Technology transforming credit card industry

You can't institutionalize innovation but the credit card industry seems to be coming close. Dramatic tech innovations are "rolling like thunder through [the] industry," to quote a MasterCard executive.

Simulation tools accelerate development, cut costs

In 2003, Citigroup's mortgage lending group launched a new retail banking product and then found itself mired in what would become 8,000 hours' worth of software fixes and enhancements.

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