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12 ways to become an indispensible IT pro

Being familiar with the business objectives and how technology can improve the bottom line is more important than ever. But so is expanding your portfolio of IT skills

Microsoft privacy exec says Aussie disclosure laws reactive

Microsoft's chief privacy officer, Peter Cullen, said the introduction of data disclosure laws in Australia should not be the centerpiece of an organization's data protection strategy.

Dirty data puts a smear on efficiency

Poor data quality, or dirty data, can affect performance and productivity, especially if business decisions are being based on it. Industry experts often say that data is a company

Building your sourcing strategy

Ask if you will: what is a sourcing strategy? In today's economic climate, anything that remotely connects a company's bottom line to the concepts of its solution delivery is something related. A strategy to manage sourcing is a key success factor in achieving corporate business goals.

The state of the (IT) union: CIO to CEO

In this report, The Meta Group argues that the key to CIO survival is calculating an incoming CEO's understanding and commitment to IT, and having a "state of the union" script ready for the CEO to forge a credible and lasting partnership.

Building a brilliant business case

Creating brilliant business cases isn't intellectually hard - it just takes time and dedication. Here are some useful tips on how to do it.

IBM debuts self-healing, self-managing products

IBM Corp. on Wednesday delivered the first self-managing, self-healing products that are part of its Project eLiza initiative, along with a new management service that monitors corporate IT systems around the clock providing real-time alerts of potential risks.

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