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Canadian innovation: how one company adapted their SaaS to capture growth

Connecting with MakeShift's Chief Product Officer, to get all the details on how this high growth SaaS business is evolving with agility top of mind.

Retail tech professionals need better tools for success

Retailers have had to rush through digital transformation programs at breakneck speed to deliver new digital services for customers and ensure their workforces can continue to operate effectively.

Designing durable values: a conversation with Mat Mytka on the ethical intent to action gap in tech

A conversation on operationalizing data ethics principles, the challenges facing small and medium sized enterprises, and a pilot of a new corporate structure to reduce the conflicts of interest in responsible innovation work. 

Slow and steady offers a brighter tomorrow for SMBs

While some SMBs see innovation as a “big bang” involving complex and powerful technology, mid-sized companies are increasingly adopting  “ a slow and steady...

Cyberport: Inside Hong Kong’s unicorn factory

Pierre Mouette is a two-time entrepreneur that was born in Paris, met the co-founder of his current firm in Hong Kong, and is looking...

Digital transformation is about what you aren’t going to do anymore, including DevOps

Part of the digital transformation process is understanding what the organization should no longer be doing -- and what skills to sunset, notes industry analyst

Technology innovation is key to the future of Ontario’s business economy: Duguid

Brad Duguid, Ontario's minister of economic development, notes the future of the province’s economy hinges on technology growth within local start-ups and small- to medium- sized enterprises (SME)

CIOs get a tentative thumbs-up

Forrester Research recently asked CEOs what they thought of their IT organization, and their answers, outlined in the report

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