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Skype worries about iPhone, attracting businesses

Skype reveals some of its business worries in SEC filing, which include Apple's ability to alter its terms of inclusion into its app store

Nortel forges ahead with WiMax, new alliances

In recent weeks Nortel has made a couple of splashy announcements that suggest the company is regaining some traction. The first, that Bell Canada is deploying Metro Ethernet Manager (MEM), a network and service operations management solution, is a straight business deal. The second, that Nortel

Telco execs give warning

At a panel discussion, the industry is advised that changes in the enterprise market mean providers have to change their products and services

How to be a vertical leader

Let's face it, if you tried to take control of everything, you'd make yourself crazy. Learn how to involve everyone in the leadership and management of IT.

Microsoft to roll virus, spyware protection into one

Microsoft Corp.'s much anticipated entry into the antivirus market is set to take a step forward Thursday with the unveiling of a new product for businesses called Microsoft Client Protection.

Telecom NZ gets some broadband competition

Vector Ltd. has finally shown its hand in the broadband business market with an aggressive offering designed to steal customers from the incumbents.

New EU regulations enforce tax on digital services

The European Union (E.U.) is preparing to strike another blow against the still-recovering Internet economy.

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