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NAV Canada cruising along with Web portal technology

Web portal software enables Nav Canada consolidate services from many different locations, as well as allows users to share and collaborate with one another.

Cool mobile tools

Time and the mobile gadget industry stand still for no man, and this year was no exception to that rule. From the glut of new products out in the last 12 months, we've chosen a few that caught our attention for your Christmas shopping list. They range from a pricey portable PC-cum-DVD-player to an inexpensive keychain gadget that sniffs out Wi-Fi networks and hotspots. Is every product here a must-have for your organization? Highly unlikely, but you may find a use for some.

Q&A: Dell’s Rollins unfazed by new title

Kevin Rollins is taking his elevation to chief executive officer at Dell Inc. in stride. On Friday, company founder Michael Dell will relinquish the CEO role to Rollins at Dell's annual shareholder meeting, but little is expected to change at the top of the world's leading PC vendor following the move.

Role reversals

Several companies have recently put their finance executives in charge of IT. Waste Connections Inc. is just one of them. Last April, the Folsom, Calif.-based disposal company named its Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer Michael Foos as its first-ever CIO. Other companies in which the bean counters have recently taken over IT responsibilities include Central Bancorp, Harmon Auto Glass and Somnus Medical Technologies.

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