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Analytics time has come, so learn how your business can unlock the value

A confluence of factors are making analytics more of a focus today for many organizations, so understanding your own maturity with analytics is important to compete.

Cloud Business Analytics: A Step Closer to Pervasive Adoption of Decision Support Services

A growing number of organizations are reaping the benefits of cloud business analytics solutions that are ensuring their workforce’s decision-making processes are supported efficiently...

SAS’s new Viya architecture will appeal to analytics users seeking cognitive computing capabilities: Goodnight

While the vendor has been working in this space since the '90s, it is now applying more powerful deep learning algorithms by leveraging cloud architecture

Is your company data-driven?

The value of data-driven decision-making is that it improves the quality of business decisions while reducing the risk of poor, business-killing decisions

Cloud ERP – Haya Solutions Partners with Acumatica ERP

Many Canadian executives with information management responsibilities haven’t pulled the trigger on a migration of their critical business data to the cloud. Contributing factors...

Analytics trends for 2016

Several interconnected trends in analytics capability are causing companies to advance their analytics efforts in pursuit of competitive advantage. Here are six trends for 2016.

IBM PureData System for Analytics N3001-001: the Mini Appliance

The system is designed specifically to run complex analytics on terabyte data volumes, based on its unique asymmetric massively parallel processing architecture that combines...

Getting started with Big Data & Analytics: What you need to know

This eBook from IBM outlines how to build a solid business case, blueprint and road map for your own big data and analysis projects. Download...

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