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Zoho Corporation launches privacy-centred browser

On Thursday, Zoho Corporation launched a privacy-centred browser called Ulaa.  The browser is built specifically to help users secure their personal data and activity by...

Mozilla cleans house, bans and removes 197 malicious Firefox add-ons

It seems that Mozilla’s quest for protecting privacy in its products has intensified. 

New Chrome apps marry cloud, software qualities

Google Inc. today unpacked a new type of application for its Chrome browser which the company said brings together the speed and flexibility of...

Microsoft releases critical IE 8 patch

IE 8 security bulletin MS13-038 fixes a flaw used by hackers to control the Web page of the U.S. Department of Labour earlier this month

EU fines Microsoft $731 million

Penalty is for the company's failure to give European users the ability to get a browser other than Internet Explorer after promising in 2009 to give buyers choice

IE gets critical patch

The vulnerability allows hackers to remotely execute code on machine

AOL to end support for Netscape browser

Netscape was the original mass-market Web browser and helped to popularize the Internet in the mid-1990s, but it has long taken a back seat to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

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