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VBrick allows building of TV stations

Traditionally, use of streaming video in the enterprise has been limited to transmitting tiny talking heads. Trying to include useful features such as whiteboard shots and product demonstrations has proven too difficult for all but the most advanced and costly video distribution systems.

IBM to lead creation of global film database

More than 100 years of motion pictures, TV broadcasts and other images, now scattered in museums and collections around the globe, have never been catalogued in one massive worldwide database.

Yahoo launches new corporate broadcast services

Yahoo Inc. unveiled two new Internet broadcast services Thursday, predicting heightened demand for communication alternatives given recent corporate belt tightening and travel concerns

La-Z-Boy recliner invites you to surf in comfort

So you need to check your e-mail but you're too lazy to move from your comfy recliner. ...

iWall may put up barriers on the Internet: experts

Some are worried and others are excited, but everyone agrees that iWall may forever change the nature...

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