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Cisco vulnerability could open LAN back door

Armed with information broadcasted by Cisco's access points (AP), hackers could launch denial of service attacks on a network or "skyjack" the AP and get it to connect to a controller outside the enterprise, says security company AirMagnet...

Canadian provider may finally have a way to sell its wireless spectrum

Look Communications has been trying for years to sell its vision of mobile broadband around the spectrum it owns but the stars weren't aligned. Now, the company's controlling shareholder believes not only is the time right but also he has found a mechanism for selling the asset at a premium

FCC supports conditional use of ‘white spaces’

FCC chair leans towards allowing carriers and other vendors to deploy devices on television spectrum known as white spaces

Facebook’s Beacon will continue to track users

The social networking site may have admitted mistakes in launching its online ad service, but that doesn't mean it's prepared to scale back one of its most controversial features

Facebook apologizes over Beacon, offers opt-out

The social networking giant backtracks on its online ad system after a CA security researcher said it could compromise user privacy. A CEO admits: "We've made a lot of mistakes building this feature"

Some sobering reading for the news business

A series of technological developments have had major impacts on the media industry. The Internet, the latest of the series, threatens to do a better job at disruption than any of the previous ones

Mobile TV to alter viewing habits in Philippines

TV watching in the Philippines is expected to experience a dramatic change in terms of prime time viewing and TV advertising with the launch of myTV -- the first commercial mobile TV service in the country

Virginia Tech tragedy signals need for a pervasive emergency alert system

I'm writing this column on the day of the Virginia Tech national tragedy. Aside from the natural emotions from this overwhelming, random act of violence, this event struck even closer to home because one of my daughters was recently accepted into Virginia Tech, and she and a sister were planning a road trip to the campus.

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