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Taking on the Twitter bots

The discussion surrounding Elon Musk and Twitter continues as the two entities work through the potential sale of the social media platform. Here, we outline why Musk’s recent focus on bots vs. authentic users is fair, reasonable, and important for the future of Twitter and other platforms.

E-commerce Businesses Lose $5.7 Billion To Bots And Fake Users

According to a report by market security leader CHEQ, e-commerce companies are losing $5.7 billion in potential sales to bots and fake users who forgo shopping carts.

Bad bots are being used in COVID-19 scams, says report

In its annual report on bad bots, Imperva says the automated systems are responsible for a quarter of application layer website traffic

Airlines seeing increased sophistication in bad bots: Report

Report on the troubles airlines are seeing with bots includes recommendations for meeting the threat that apply to all industries

5 tech trends redefining the customer experience

Technology is at the core of the contact centre, and the key trends of 2016 revolve around the ways that great tech and great...

Canadian firm offers e-card malware response

BD-BrandProtect says enterprises can do more than simply hope users won't click on suspicious-looking messages that could cripple IT systems. Get your spiders and honeypots ready

Time to kick bot, says TrendMicro chief

The botnet scourge has reached alarming proportions and TrendMicro CEO Eva Chen is determined to do something about it. In a recent interview with IT World Canada, Chen explained why its imperative we tackle this menace head on.

The botnet menace

It's imperative that enterprises and consumers become aware of the acute and growing threats posed by botnets, and take decisive and effective steps to counter them before it's too late.

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