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Could software quality assurance processes have prevented the Boeing 737 MAX crash?

Computer software, we're told, now owns the world. Virtually everything contains it, from cars to toasters. And, as we all know only too well,...

Boeing launches ‘innovation cell’ and invests in AR software

Boeing has launched an innovation cell and is investing in an augmented reality software firm.

Firefox targets the enterprise

The Boeing Co. has been discreetly providing feedback to the Mozilla Foundation for the past year or so on features that might encourage enterprise adoption of the open-source Firefox browser. At the top of the list has been a tool kit to help IT departments distribute Firefox with custom configurations to end-users.

New Adobe software turns 3D CAD images into PDFs

With the release of Adobe Acrobat 3D, Adobe Systems Inc. is aiming to let manufacturers share 3D CAD images as easily as they share PDF files, by converting them to PDF files.

Bank of America to deploy 180,000 IP phones

Bank of America Corp. this week announced plans for a corporate-wide IP telephony rollout that will eventually put an IP phone on every BoA employee

Emirates to spruce up flights with Wi-Fi e-mail

Emirates, an airline that offers private suites in first class, is now adding a wireless LAN e-mail service on some aircraft.

Some sanity returns to IT hiring

As layoffs at once high-flying and seemingly invincible IT vendors and hundreds of Internet bombs push IT talent and experience onto the market, the law of supply and demand appears to finally be taking hold.

Cockpit video system faces uphill battle

Qualcomm Inc. has demonstrated a satellite-based aviation safety system, saying it could help prevent aircraft hijackings by relaying real-time video from airline cockpits and cabins to the ground and provide a dedicated voice communications channel for onboard air marshals.

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