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Call for checklists and criteria for privacy and public protection in IT

IT professionals have many specializations: this is a call for you to share what you know about the requirements in your area. 

Five things I’m thinking about after a retreat with 30 CIOs

IT World Canada's own CIO reflects back on the five lessons he's taking away from the CanadianCIO Summit. From AI to ROI, he has a lot of data to process.

Leaked Apple emails a textbook example of how to avoid alienating female employees

Multiple emails involved women at Apple discussing being passed over for leadership positions

Securing your enterprise data: “It’s not the backup that matters, it’s the recovery.”

As data backup and recovery becomes more challenging for businesses, what are the best practices for success? A recent ITWC webinar explores the enterprise issue at length

Thoughts on CIO Peer Forum 2016: practical takeaways, eye-opening insights and at times, just plain riveting

ITWC CIO Jim Love shares his thoughts on this year's CIO Peer Forum event in Toronto

How to be a rock star CIO

What does it take to build your public profile as a CIO? Find out with our set of tips and techniques

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