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Hashtag Trending Sept. 13 – SpaceX upset at Starlink subsidy rejection; autonomous vehicles and human supervision; credit card companies to add a new code...

SpaceX is upset at the FCC for rejecting an $886 million Starlink subsidy, experts say autonomous vehicles may need some form of human supervision, and major credit card companies will implement a code at gun stores to track gun and ammunition sales.  

Hashtag Trending Aug 23 – Apple employees sign new petition against return to office; Sony faces new lawsuit; landmark U.K. AV decision

Apple employees continue to fight against mandatory return to office, Sony faces a $6 billion lawsuit, and the U.K. government decides that manufacturers are responsible for vehicles in autonomous mode.

Why software-defined AV-over-IP modernizes enterprise communications

AV-over-IP is the fastest growing technology in the IT industry with enterprise sectors including corporate, education and government being the largest deployer of the technology - and it has no plans of slowing down.

The AV challenge facing Canadian vehicle companies

The closing of the General Motors assembly plant in Oshawa is a further sign of decline in Canada’s automotive industry. But as the automotive industry...

What is Projection Mapping?

Today, no fundraiser, club opening, corporate party or any sort of event can be complete without a touch of projection mapping.

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