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Microsoft reports another zero-day vulnerability

The vulnerability resides in Microsoft's Office Web Components, which are used for publishing spreadsheets, charts and databases to the Web, among other functions

Adobe patches critical PDF vulnerability

The company offers protection against a flaw that exposed most Windows XP users to exploits arriving in malicious files. Meanwhile, users wait for a URI fix from Microsoft

Users urged to patch serious hole in BIND 9 DNS server

A security researcher has reported a serious vulnerability in BIND 9, the software widely used in the Internet

Security bells ringing over virtualization

Virtualization is proving to be a technology of choice for certain cost-saving initiatives, but industry observers are sounding the alarms on the security realities of a virtual enterprise

Hackers feast on Microsoft DNS server vulnerability

Attackers are trying to take advantage of a newly-disclosed vulnerability in several of Microsoft Corp.'s server products that could allow them to run unauthorized code on affected computers, the company has warned

Issues with SSID cloaking

Are there any pitfalls to using SSID cloaking? Many organizations use SSID cloaking as a mechanism to add a layer of security to the WLAN. This technique requires that all users have knowledge of the SSID to connect to the wireless network. While this is commonly viewed as a mechanism to improve security and is a recommended best-practice by the PCI Data Security Standard, it can reduce the effective security of the WLAN.

Free WiFi scam hitting airports

The next time you're at an airport looking for a wireless hot spot, and you see one called "Free Wi-Fi" or a similar name, beware -- you may end up being victimized by the latest hot-spot scam hitting airports across the country. Here's how to protect yourself.

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