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New worm, Santy, using Google to spread

Antivirus companies are warning Internet users about a fast-spreading new worm that infects Web servers running a popular package of online bulletin board software, and uses the Google search engine to find vulnerable servers to infect.

Bagle source code is revealed

Antivirus software companies are warning customers that new editions of the Bagle family of e-mail worms are spreading on the Internet, and depositing copies of the worm's source code on computers they infect.

With Bagle, Netsky, March comes in like a worm

Conventional wisdom claims March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. But with new versions of the Bagle e-mail worm and a virulent new form of Netsky virus, March's arrival is looking more wormy than leonine.

New worm steals user information

A new Internet worm that steals information from users' computers and attempts to shut down two Web sites is spreading, antivirus vendors warned Friday.

New variant of Blaster worm

Microsoft Corp. Windows users infected last week by the W32.Blaster worm might appreciate the attention of a new version of that worm that cleans corrupted systems, then installs a software patch to prevent future infections.

Fizzer worm spreading, could allow attackers access

A new computer worm spreading over the Internet captures a user's keystrokes and creates a back door that could give an attacker access to the infected system or enable the machine to secretly be used in a denial of service attack.

A new variant of a mass-mailer Internet worm that installs a back door program which can allow attackers to access recipients' computers was spreading on the Internet Monday, according to virus alerts from a number of antivirus companies.

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