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Inside next-gen endpoint detection solutions

CISOs are increasingly looking at a wide range of solutions that promise to better detect unknown threats. Read about the pros and cons

Network defences more permeable than we thought

Standard "defence in depth" network security fails to prevent breaches in majority of cases, research suggests

Fake antivirus apps appear in Android, Windows app stores

One bogus antivirus application even took its name from the security lab that discovered the programs

Symantec unveils new intelligence-focused approach to security

Managed service aimed at cutting down on the number of events staff have to investigate

Why consolidation doesn’t solve IT security problems

When security companies merge to bring full stack solutions, organizations yawn. Here's why

11 signs that scream you’ve been hacked

Many malware programs today can be instantly altered to escape detection. To counter this some antivirus tools monitor malware behaviour, others use virtualized environments,...

nPulse upgrades Capture Probe eXtreme

The CPX 4.0's packet-indexing function works at 30 million packets per second and is ideal for massive scale searches

Toronto mobile firm reveals how it got CIA contract

U.S. government and security agencies tend to consider Canada as one of their own, so it's not that hard to land a procurement contract with them, says Rick Segal

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